Airplane Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

E-Drift is a work in two transmissions. The first is a definitive journey of zeroes and ones, where artwork is transmitted around the world as information via a vast network of connections. The second is an act of chance and uncertainty, as the artwork is put into a bottle and released into tumultuous waters with unknown trajectory and destiny, potentially lost forever on an infinite transmission. 

Act 1. All artists participating in “Transmissions” have been invited to submit a work of art via email.   The work is printed out and exhibited at the corresponding galleries in Brooklyn and Tokyo. Work originating in Tokyo is displayed in Brooklyn, and vice versa.

Act 2. On June 2nd each artwork will be sealed in individual, numbered bottles and released into the waters of the East River in New York, and the Tokyo Harbor. Contact information is enclosed in the bottle in case found.

E-Drift release in Japan      

E-Drift release in Japan